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speed reading & memory exercises
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Want to read 2-3 times faster?

Read 2 to 3 times faster than you read now
with better understanding and memory!

Do you read slowly? Do you feel you might never have the time to finish all your reading?

Your slow reading speed makes reading tiresome and irritating. With a little practice you can read much faster with better understanding and memory. It's time to end your reading overload! 

First, discover your reading speed now - online.


  Click the book icon or the Reading Checks button. When done, come back to this page. Here you can explore how to work smarter, not harder!

  •     How slowly did you read?

  •     Do you feel your reading speed can be faster?

  •     What about your comprehension? Do you understand everything that you read?

  •     Do you remember all the important details after reading?

What about your reading that has facts and numbers? Now, take the study reading speed and comprehension check.
Compare your results to your light reading results

Did you notice a difference between between your study reading speed and your light reading speed? 
You now notice that you don't have just one reading speed. It changes. For example:

  •     You read short, easy words faster then long difficult ones.

  •     You tend to read faster when you are enjoying what you are reading.

  •     A novel, report, newspaper ... computer screens - the media format affects your reading speed.

  •     If you are tired, your reading speed is slower than when you are alert.

  •     Many other factors such as print quality, font type, print size, etc. affect your reading ability.

School taught us to read too slowly. You now suffer from reading overload:

  •     You have too much to read in too little time.

  •     Your concentration and mind wanders while you are reading.

  •     Most often you can't remember what you have read.

  •     Sleepiness and drowsiness - reading can be like taking sleeping pills!

  •     You are running out of time so you skip and skim read.

A few questions that you need answers for:

  •     School taught you how to read, but not fast and efficient reading - why not?

  •     They did not teach you a reliable study method?

  •     BETTER MEMORY SKILLS are seldom taught at schools, colleges and universities?

  •     Is speed reading a skill anyone can learn?

  •     Is speed reading real reading, or just skip or skim reading?

  •     Should I constantly practice to maintain my fast reading speed?

You will be surprised at easily and soon you can become a dynamic reader. Go ahead and explore the TurboRead web. You will find the answers to these questions, and so much more about SMARTER READING ... real speed reading.

What will you learn during a "GREAT" speed reading course?
You will master a simple but effective technique of moving your eyes faster over the words. Your eyes will transport the printed words to your brain at closer to your "thinking" speeds. The result - time saving, better understanding and longer memory.

Explore the links on this site to seek the answers to your questions.

Like us on Facebook -
There, you shall discover
speed reading & memory exercises
& many other amazing tips and tools.
Want to read 2-3 times faster?

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Updated on August 10, 2013

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