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How Does Your Light Reading Speed Compare Below?

Did you make a note of your reading speed for the Light Reading Check and the Study Reading Check?
If so, use the table below to judge your your reading ability.

1 - 100 wpm    Children learn to read within this range of reading speed. If a learner does not progress past this range, the reading ability is considered to be that of borderline literacy. A reader within this range will most likely have very little understanding and memory of what they have read. Reading is very hard work below 100 wpm.
100 - 200 wpm    Within this range, a reading speed quite typical of someone who has done only  the absolute minimum of reading that is necessary to get by in life. For this person, reading is not thought of as fun, relaxing or entertaining. Within this range, it's almost impossible to stay updated with world events, technology, etc. A reader's understanding and memory is usually less than half (50%) of that which their eyes have seen.
200 - 250 wpm    This is considered an average reading range. Without getting help, most readers will be stuck here for their entire reading lives. They are constantly dogged by regressions, reading sub-vocalization and concentration problems. Generally, their understanding is about half of what they read. 
250 - 350 wpm    Reading speeds in this range are slightly above-average of that of most readers. It is usual to find post-high school graduates or casually keen readers scoring these rates. Readers still suffer from regressions but they don't sub-vocalize as many of the words on the page. Typically, readers here understand a little more than half of what they read.
350 - 500 wpm    If you score a reading speed within this range, you are well above that of average speed. As a result, your comprehension and understanding is usually quite good (50% - 75%). You probably enjoy reading. You still suffer from occasional regressions and sub-vocalization. This is because your mind still drifts away from your reading. You should read faster!
500 - 800 wpm    Now this is a very respectable and useful reading speed. It is giving you excellent comprehension (75% and above). You find reading pleasurable and you have good control over your daily reading study and office needs. After all, you found the book better than the movie, didn't you?
800 - 1000 wpm    This is an extremely efficient reading speed. This is becoming 'power-reading'. You have very slight sub-vocalization and you almost never regress. You can recognize and understand most of the words easily. You usually completely understand what you read. You have no reading pressures or reading time problems. You are most likely a top-class student or high business achiever. A reading speed here is typical of someone who has done quality reading improvement program.
1000 wpm & faster    Wow - now we are talking! You are either a natural or tutored speed reader. Readers above these speeds most often completely understand what they have read. You have complete control over all your reading needs. Reading is a substantial part of your life. You regularly enjoy two or more novels per week. KEEP IT UP!     

  The above table serves as a guideline. There are exceptions. 

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