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Interesting FAQ's about Speed Reading

  1. What is speed reading?

Speed reading is the skill of moving the eyes, and some other external pacer, across and down a page of print at a rate which will avoid regressions, reduce sub-vocalization and induce better concentration.

  1. What is the theoretical limit to human reading speed?

There is no known theoretical limit to reading speed.

  1. How fast can speed readers read?

Permanent speed readers (and graduates of TurboRead) can read comfortably at speeds of between 800wpm and 1200wpm, without any constant practice and drilling. Tutored speed readers, who constantly practice the skill over long periods of time, can reliably achieve speeds of around 5000 wpm. Natural speed readers (of which there are very few in the world) can exceed these speeds.

  1. What is the speed reading record?

Unfortunately, there is no standard international speed and comprehension test. Reading material varies in complexity, type face, print quality, grammar, style ... all influence reading speed. Worse still, tests for comprehension and understanding are subjective.  Consequently, no individual or organization can lay a legitimate claim to a world record. Be careful of courses that claim to teach you to read at "thousands" of words per minute.

  1. Does speed reading ruin the enjoyment of reading?

No. If anything, speed reading enhances the enjoyment of reading. The reason: greater concentration for longer periods, supported by fewer reading irritations. Speed reading allows you to read at closer to your thinking speed.

  1. Can anybody learn to speed read?


  1. What about IQ and age ... do these influence one's ability to learn to speed read?

Not significantly so. Anyone can improve on their current reading speed - regardless of what that speed is. If you read at 100 wpm, and practice to open your eye focus and reduce regressions and sub-vocalizations, your speed will increase dramatically.

  1. Do you need to constantly practice the speed reading technique?

No. You simply apply the technique in your daily reading. You cannot lose the skill once you have mastered it.

  1. How long will I take to complete the TurboRead course?

          If you practice comfortably for about an hour a day, about 7 to 10 days.

  1. Is a classroom-based speed reading course better than a self-improvement program such as TurboRead

Take golf as an analogy. Personal instruction by a golf pro absolutely sinks the best golf swing instruction book. But, you can still have a lot of fun learning the game yourself and enjoying your ability to play, as opposed to not being able to play at all. So, if it is absolutely essential for you to play with a 3 handicap ... or to read at 2000 wpm plus, you need personal instruction, (and then you better be doing at least 36 holes every week!). Otherwise, you can achieve a permanent sub-1000 wpm reading speed by investing in a good interactive speed reading course, coupled with the facility of free on-line tutorage.

  1. Are interactive lessons used in TurboRead? Does the program automatically track your progress and automatically move you to more advanced lessons as you improve your reading?

The program is fully interactive and intelligent. There are 5 reading and comprehension tests which track your results from start to finish within the main body of the course. Then, a separate Advanced Module helps you to increase your reading speed and understanding even further. The program again tracks your speed scores. The program takes you carefully through the initial phases of speed and comprehension improvement until you are ready to try the advanced practice levels.

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