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Interesting FAQs about Words Per Minute

  1. What is "Words Per Minute"?

Reading speed is measured by calculating the number of words absorbed by your eyes per minute of reading time. 

  1. What is the average reading speed?

The international average reading speed is accepted to be about 250 words per minute. What did you score in the reading speed check? Compare this to the average and decide your own reading ability.

  1. What is the average comprehension at that speed?

Difficult to say. It depends greatly on the level of difficulty of the material and your current knowledge in the subject. If we consider light reading material, such as popular novels, comprehension averages about 50% of what is read.

  1. What factors affect my reading speed?
    How you were taught to read
    At what age you were taught to read
    How much reading you have done in your life-time
    Your level of fatigue and concentration
    Your level of fatigue and concentration
    The extent of regressions and sub-vocalisation present in your reading technique
    The type of material you are reading
    The medium in which you are reading (for example, newspaper or computer screen)
    The quality of the writing (nobody needs a license to write!)

  1. Is my reading speed a constant since I was taught to read?

No. It varies even with the time of day. A slow reader's reading speed varies only slightly and in a very narrow band of reading speed.

  1. What is the FOG Index and how does it affect my reading speed?

The FOG Index was developed by Professor Robert Gunning of Oxford University. It is a system of measuring the complexity of words in communication - the more complicated the words, the higher the FOG Index. It follows that passages with high FOG indices require higher concentration levels and grasp of grammar. This is a direct cause of declining reading speeds and poor comprehension.

There is plenty of poorly written information in the world. We readers are faced with a double-edged sword; slow reading ability and poorly written information. The only solution is to improve overall reading efficiency.

7.      How do I calculate Words Per Minute?

  1. Count the number of words on three consecutive full lines of print. (For example, 33 words on three lines)

  2. Divide this by 3 to give average words per line. (For example, 11 words per line)

  3. Count the number of lines of print down the left hand side of the page. (For example, 40 lines of print)

  4. Multiply the number of lines of print by the average words per line. (For example, 40 x 11 = 440 words per page)

  5. Count the number of pages read in a known time period (For example, 6 pages)

  6. Multiple the number of pages read by the words per page. The result is total words read. (For example 6 x 440 = 2640 words) 

  7. Divide the total words read by the time it took you to read them. (For example, 2640 10 minutes = 264 words per minute)

  8. The result is words per minute!

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